About Us

The Lighthouse Group was formed in 1997 to acquire, operate and develop residential and commercial property. We acquire real estate in select U.S. markets with strong economic fundamentals in order to capitalize on under-valued and under-managed assets, to add inherent value and benefit from price appreciation and rent growth. We firmly believe that value is created at the property level and we strive to implement the most effective and lucrative business plan at every property. We also believe that truly superior returns are achieved through a strategic allocation of capital, proper market positioning and improvements to property level operations.


The Lighthouse Group’s strategy is to identify undervalued, underperforming and distressed real estate assets in select markets across the U.S. in which we can add inherent value through improved management, rehabilitation, redevelopment and repositioning. The Lighthouse Group maximizes returns by identifying undervalued assets, successfully negotiating attractive acquisition prices, making strategic capital improvements, rebranding and repositioning properties, raising rents to market levels, increasing other revenue sources, increasing occupancy, decreasing expenses, and improving tenancy, in addition to benefiting from positive localized market trends in our carefully selected markets. Upon stabilization, The Lighthouse Group holds and operates the properties and sells when market conditions are optimal.

Our focus is on acquisition sizes between $5 million and $50 million – a niche that we believe is out of reach for most individual investors yet under the radar screen of larger institutional funds, thus, taking advantage of the inefficiencies of this middle market.


Acquisitions team – focuses on identifying undervalued and underperforming assets that provide unique and creative investment opportunities with significant potential returns.

Asset Management team – focuses on thorough due diligence of our acquisitions and adds value to our portfolio through improved procedures, revenue enhancements, and strategic value management techniques.

Construction Management team – directs all property renovations and rehabilitation and maximizes the value of each asset in the portfolio.

Property Management – our sister company, Lighthouse Property Management, Inc., aggressively manages each asset in the portfolio and works to improve each asset’s value through strategic operational planning, performance analytics, expense control, and revenue enhancement.

Contact Us

For more information, you may reach us at (310) 230-8335 or email us at info@thelighthousegroup.net